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Alternative ways to learn Italian

  It is of common knowledge that being able to understand the language spoken by natives at the place where you are about to travel improves your trip experience in a hundred percent. There is so much to see, that the more we see without knowing the language, the littler we actually get to appreciate it. Italy is one of those places everyone has to visit at least once in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you choose to take Italian courses London style in a group, or you choose to study one to one with your teacher in Italian courses Manchester, as long as you’re able to get the most of your course to better appreciate Italy, while getting immersed in their culture.
There are, however, alternative ways to complement your language lessons, or to give you an insight into the language and culture if you’re not actually taking a course. Here are some ideas for you to learn on your own.

Music - The Italian music is beautifu and romantic, as it honors its culture. There are many amazing Italian singers that you probably know already, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Andrea Bocelli, or Laura Pausini. It is also very possible that you already know some of their most popular songs “Vivo per lei” (Andrea Bocelli), Nessun Dorma, O Sole Mio (Pavarotti), etc. Well, before travelling to Italy, add these songs to your iPod and pay attention to the lyrics. The advantage of learning through music is that our brain captures words more easily, because the sweet melodies get stuck in our heads.

Phone Applications - You possibly own an iPod, iPhone, or Android mobile phone. These devices offer us the possibility of buying language learning applications in many languages for very little money. Well, get one in Italian: they usually teach you the basics (the words and expressions you will be most likely to use if you’re in Italy) while sorting the “topics” in different categories (such as ‘at the airport’, ‘at the restaurant’, ‘asking for directions’, ‘greetings’, etc.). If you don’t own one of these phones, you can get the computer software…and if you’re short of cash, just visit some language learning websites, where you can get the same information for free.

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