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The Aragonese Castle of Otranto

From Lecce to the Coast Full-day Bike Tour

Tramezzino celebrates 90th birthday

Castel del Monte

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Visit the historic Castello Aragonese
The Castello Aragonese is a castle made of beautiful old stones and surrounded by a moat. Recently renovated, this historic structure is well preserved and has been turned into an art space where many high-profile exhibitions have been held
     Castello Aragonese
From Lecce to the Coast Full-day Bike Tour
One day bike tour to explore the countryside surrounding Lecce, the Adriatic coast and the charming little villages and hamlet. A 1 day leisure cycling excursion with a local guide, through olive groves and along the Adriatic sea, with the option to swim, eat by the sea and have fun with your friends or family. Meet your guide for a bike setting, safety talk and a briefing to understand more about the itinerary and ride you .....
     Tour description
Tramezzino celebrates 90th birthday
The 'tramezzino' sandwich celebrated its 90th birthday in Italy this year, as a survey revealed it is now a more popular lunchtime meal than pasta or pizza.
The origins of the tramezzino, which is usually made with two pieces of white bread with the crusts cut off, can be traced back to the caffè Mulassano in .....

Castel del Monte, a must-see place in Apulia
Did you know that the hexagonal Castel del Monte, built by Emperor Frederick II near Bari, in Puglia, is one of Italy’s 50 Unesco World Heritage Sites? Unesco considers it to be “a unique piece of medieval military architecture” and “a successful blend of elements from classical antiquity, the Islamic Orient and north European Cistercian” .....
     Castel del Monte
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