Language Courses in the USA

USATwo languages dominate North American culture: English and Spanish. English is the official language of the United States, but the high level of immigration from Central and South America over the past hundred years has created whole Spanish communities within the country. A large number of the immigrants who do not speak English work in North America illegally as a result of much higher wages than in Central America. The only other European language officially spoken on the American continent is French, in Guyana. Famously, there is also a Welsh-speaking tribe in Patagonia, Argentina.

If you are considering a French course Dallas/Spanish course Dallas, there are a number of options open to you. As with all major cities, a number of excellent language schools operate in and around Dallas, Texas. Spanish courses are particularly popular in the Southern states of America as the concentration of Latin American immigrants is higher there than in other parts of the country. This is unsurprising as the Southern states are geographically closer to Mexico, which is the usual route illegal immigrants take to enter the United States.

The city with the most diverse cultural make-up in America, and probably the whole world, is New York. Because of this, taking a French course New York/Spanish course New York is common. Walking down the street in central New York, you are likely to hear dozens of languages, possibly including English. This is because the city was traditionally the hub of American immigration and was the first port of call for almost all European arrivals to the New World. There is a large Spanish-speaking community in New York and many opportunities for language swap deals, where English speakers can give English tuition in exchange for Spanish tuition.

Another city with a large multilingual community is Miami, which has strong links with Cuba and the French-speaking Caribbean. If you are looking for a French course Miami/Spanish course Miami you will probably be taught with a strong regional accent, as opposed to the European pronunciation. This is just as well, because you are more likely to need regional French/Spanish than the original European versions. Miami is a great place to learn languages. With some of the warmest, year-round weather in the States, you will be sure to have a good time in the city.

On the other side of the United States, San Diego (CA) is another city which benefits from a great amount of sunlight during the course of the year. A French course San Diego/Spanish course San Diego offers the perfect opportunity to explore one of the finest cities in California. San Diego is home to a world-famous zoo, Sea World, numerous technology companies and the USS Nimitz - one of the largest warships on the planet.

Some Americans suggest that you have to head further east in the States to find real culture. While this is highly contentious, a French course Chicago/Spanish course Chicago is more likely to be taught by a European and would therefore be more suitable for someone considering travelling around 'Old Europe' as Donald Rumsfeld so eloquently described the areas of the continent unwilling to assist the invasion of Iraq.


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