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We e would like to present you our wine tasting and gastronomy tours in Salento, to show you how typical products are made, which are not generally known to tourists and are rich history, tradition, smells, taste and .....


Grecia Salentina is a consortium of 11 municipalities where they speak a particular language which comes from Greek, dialect and Turkish (its origin are still unknown and full of mystery) and they still have their own old tradition customs, which are lived between the suggestive “case a corte” of their little villages. The “Griko” is still handed down through songs and poems, you will have a proof of it during your lunch.

  •    Visit to Corigliano with its historical centre and its consortium “Biosalento” a beautiful estate where they produce biological vegetables and fruit, good wine and oil: you will have a direct proof of all those products.
  •    Lunch in Calimera (which in griko means “Good Morning”)
  •    Visit to Martano with its beautiful buildings and church
  •    Visit to Soleto (Cuspide, Saint Stefano’s Church)
  •    Visit to Melpignano (centre, abbey)
  • Masseria Sant’Angelo
  •    Dinner at Masseria Sant’Angelo
  • The consortium “Biosalento” consists of 20 ha in which they carry out biological agriculture. Masseria Sant’Angelo is an old elegant, marvellous farm, it’s an oasis of peace in which all the products are biological too.You can eat to the music of live concerts by 3 generations of “tamburellisti” (the “tamburrello” is the typical instrument used for their popular music).


    The museum of Vaste encloses, in the baronial palace, many traces of ancient people (messapici and romaine) to tell us of the ancient roots of salentine people; our history tour brings us on the Byzantine period which is well represented in Poggiardo by its beautiful St. Maria degli Angeli and SS. Stefani crypts. With a flash back to the megalithic civility, we’ll go back in history to Dolmen “Li Scusi” in Minervino and the two Menhir “San Vincenzo and San Paolo” in Giurdignano.

  • Visit to of Vaste (Museum) and Poggiardo (from Messapi to Byzantines) Tasting of typical salentine food outside Sant’Anna church (in Specchia Gallone) music animation and Visit to of the little church.
  • Visit to to Dolmen and Menhir in Minervino and Giurdignano.
  • Otranto visit to of the town and of the ILS farm “BortoneVivai”.
  • “La Cutura”, a botanical garden, with greenhouses of many rare succulents and cactus from all overthe world plus asecret garden.
  • Dinner in the country restaurant of the “Cutura”.
  • Delicious food tasting with typical products that are witness to our active production. La “Cutura” is a marvellous botanical garden created by an expert, enthusiastic landowner of European importance that offers the visitor very rare plants coming all over the world. The tour ends in the secret garden: a mixture of smells, music, colours that give harmony and joy.

    DISCOVERING BACCO (God of wine)
    Known as cultural the fulcrum of all time, the active, elegant centre, the beauty of Galatina is elevated by the only example of the late gothic in the South Salento: the Franciscan church of Santa Caterina d’Alessandria. Another attraction is Saint Paul’s well: legend has it that its water had the power to cure women bitten by the tarantula. The impressive Castle of Copertino with its beautiful doorway of the Renaissance marks the importance of this baronial feudal castle. We go on to visit the medieval fortified castle in Acaya.

  • Visit to of Galatina with coffee break
  • Visit to Copertino (town, castle)
  • Visit to “Azienda Vinicola Petrelli” inCarmiano with wine tasting
  • Visit to Acaya
  • Back to the ILS
  • Departure for Maglie, city walk and Villa Tamborrino
  • Dinner at “Arte del Gusto” Maglie
  • We’ll visit the vine cellars with its 9 ha of vinyards and we will taste the wines that have obtained many European awards. We will have dinner in one of the most exclusive restaurants of Salento, professionally managed by a family with an old and noble tradition on catering.

    Ruffano outstanding for its delicate but deep-rooted craftsmanship. We go to Taviano, to discover that FLORICULTURA with more than 600 producers , represents the stronger local economy. Nardò, a picturesque and timeless centre, enchants for its little streets (e.g. Salandra Street) and tells us about Jewish people who have lived there.

  • Visit to of Ruffano (pottery crafts)
  • Arrival in Taviano coffe break at Pasticceria Rabù
  • Visit to Greenhouses of roses
  • Lunch and visit to Natura Amica in Melissano
  • Nardò: (town centre and Jewish museum)
  • Masseria Brusca (dairy) Santa Maria al Bagno tea break to the “4 colonne”
  • Dinner at “I Corsari” in Villaggio Resta Nardò
  • “Pasticceria Rabù” is Cake shop which produces wonderful salentine cakes and sweets of every type; Natura Amica is well known all over Europe for its combination of sweet and salty tastes typical of our tradition. Masseria Brusca produces a tasty cheese on a marvellous farm full of delicate gardens and historical, elegant buildings.




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