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You have a text in Italian or English and would like to have a translation into German? A letter? a hand-out, website? Do you want to be sure to have an accurate translation by competent translators?

We can do the proper job by translating your website into German and, if it is necessary, adapting it to the needs and interests of the tourists coming from German-speaking countries. We are willing to translate your text into German- be it a short letter or a long business website; on your request, we can also see to adapt your text to the needs and interests of your German speaking clients and friends.

Not only translations

When translating a website, we can also see that your possible customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland will easily find your website.

In other words, we also translate the short description of the site and its key words. We will also register your website in the German search engines.

We carefully translate the so-called meta-tags of a site’s “invisible” text including its title, description and key words, which are essential to the search engines (hopefully your site contains the mega-tags! If it does not… we can help you). Finally, we can personally register your website in the German search engines.

A complete solution

If there are the technical requisites (as there are in most cases), we can translate the text directly in HTML, in its graphic frame, at no extra costs; then we can give you a precise copy of the original pages with the text in German. Moreover, we can put the translated website immediately on line (at an affordable price).

Automatic translations?

You may be wondering that you might just as well have your text translated by one of the many automatic translation programs available on the Internet. Just try: take a short text from any foreign site and have it translated into English; I assure you will bend with laughter. It will be so funny that I do not think you will present your customer with so bad a text.

Isn't an English translationenough?

In many countries it is a common notion that most German people can understand and speak English well, and so an English translation of the website should be enough. Actually, the majority of the German people have learnt English at school, but their competence is mostly poor. The Germans generally have a basic knowledge of the English language and can certainly have a short conversation with the hotel staff, they can order something at a restaurant, but most of them cannot read or understand the texts of English websites easily. Even the ones who can read English well enough would get tired in reading a long website in English and would prefer to read one in German, whenever the search engine would provide them with one.

A German translation of your website will make your offers available to a much larger number of possible clients, who might never have got to know you, due to the language barrier; just one new client is enough to get back the money invested in the translation.

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