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Teaching method used at ILS Italian School in Italy

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  The Teaching method used in our Italian Language Courses are structured to facilitate the development of your ability to communicative without neglecting the importance of grammatical structure.
The ILS Method teaches Italian through a process of quick-fire questions and answers and, through a specific handbook Students actively exercise the other integral functions of language: reading and writing.
With our method the students take only40 hours to speak and understand basic Italian, otherwise the Italian Language School will give you free Italian lessons until successful.
Because the claims of the ILS Method are extremely difficult to believe - Learn basic Italian Language in 40 hours - the Italian Language School ILS give their students a written guarantee to reach basic level of Italian Language in 40 hours of tuition.

The school occupies a building found in the centre of a calm residential area. Those who choose our school remains amazingly satisfied due to the organization of the teachers, the linguistic program and the flexibility of the courses. As a difference from traditional schools, lessons are tailored to each student and they can be also be individual. The flexibility in the choice of the departure dates, in the number of weekly lessons, of the place to stay and of the linguistic program makes the school ideal for those who can only stay abroad for short periods (minimum of 1 week). Therefore it is ideal for those who want to adapt the course to their own professional requirements and that wish the maximum amount of progress in a shorter time as possible. This flexibility ensures the student feels comfortable from day one.

Teaching method used at italian language school ILS

Teaching Methods for Italian courses in Italy


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continuing education studying in Italy, and in particular studying the language and Italian culture is a beautiful experience, chosen by thousands of students every year! In all of the mail Italian cities and and especially the historical cities, (Florence, Rome and Venice, which boats a sea location) and every season of the year, over a million tourists, along with thousands of students from various age groupe come to Italy from every part of the world!
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