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Stag & Hen Parties

  Have you been put in charge of organising a stag or hen night? While the whole thing is meant to be fun for all involved, if the business-end of the party has fallen into your lap it can be a struggle. Fortunately, the answer (as with so many things) could lie on the internet. The leading website for organising stag and hen parties in the UK is Red Seven Leisure, a Brighton-based online operation which organises parties in dozens of destinations across the UK and around the world.

The key to organising a good stag or hen party is to make sure that everything is organised well in advance. This is because many stag or hen parties require a day or two off work and for everyone involved to have a free space in their diaries. This can be difficult given the hustle and bustle of twenty-first century life, so it pays to think ahead. Of course, some weddings are very 'spur of the moment' and stag nights for these cannot be planned in advance.

Certain things have to be considered when you are organising a stag or hen party. Firstly, who would the stag or hen want to invite? There is no point in inviting casual acquaintances just to make up the numbers. A pre-marital party should be a special time for friends to reminisce and watch nubile young people cover unexpected parts of their bodies in whipped cream, not particularly for making new friends. Secondly, can everyone afford what you have planned? Just because you are a city-slicker type doesn't mean that everyone on the list can afford three days of Champagne and diving off Mustique. Thirdly, is this what the stag or hen would want? While it may seem funny to call this the third consideration, a happy group almost always equates to a happy stag or hen.

The variety of destinations available for a stag or hen night in the twenty-first century is staggering. Budget flights mean that any part of Europe can be reached cheaply, as long as tickets are booked in plenty of time. This makes the traditional jaunt to Blackpool or Brighton just one of many options for the soon-to-be-married. Equally popular nowadays are trips to Tallinn, Prague (in the Czech Republic), Amsterdam, Barcelona and Krakow. Environmentalists may not agree with the idea of heading to Europe for a weekend, just to get drunk on the cheap, but mentalists everywhere are considering the international stag or hen night much more enthusiasm. Of course, it is possible to neutralise your carbon footprint by planting trees or arranging new, energy efficient fridges for impoverished Africans although this is not currently a service being offered by Red Seven. If you organise a great stag or hen night, it will not be forgotten in a hurry. Many people only get married once and their last night of freedom will be one that stays with them during their years of marital bliss.

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 We specialise in designing and coordinating your ideal party breaks..... Blackpool and Nottingham as great stag weekend and hen weekend locations
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