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Investing in property overseas Around the World

  Over the past twenty years, the most rewarding investment made by most British investors has been in property. The price of property and housing in the UK has shot up at well beyond the rate of inflation and has left a number of canny investors very wealthy indeed. Financial investments and funds tied to the property market have consistently been the best-performing available, although the UK property market is showing some sign of slowing up now. The only other property market in Europe with comparable overvaluation to that in Great Britain is the market for property in Spain. Spain is traditionally very popular with British investors and it is little wonder. Only two hours away by air, the country has some of Europe's finest weather and parts of it are fully geared for 'extranjeros'.

Canny investors are now looking further afield for those real property bargains. The market for property investment Brazil and Romania property, for example, has never been stronger. The impact of the internet on property investment of this type should not be underestimated. Now, workers idly surfing the web during a lunch break can stumble across property bargains in parts of the world they would never normally consider. The internet also offers the chance to work out what exactly it would cost to live in another country, an idea of rental value and all the latest trends in local property markets.

The ability to research market trends has meant that the number of people investing in a Bulgaria ski apartment has shot up in the past decade. This is because the country offers some tremendous bargains, although the market is stabilising and the emphasis now should be on getting a quality property with a long-term view, as opposed to the quick turnover which has helped create property price inflation in the first place.

A relatively new market to UK investors is that for Morocco property. The North African country is famed for amazing food, thrilling markets and beautiful Moorish architecture. It will shortly be famous for great property bargains too, as the market has not felt the full force of European investment yet. It is worth bearing in mind that culture and customs in Morocco are very different from those in much of Europe and what could be considered acceptable behaviour at home would be frowned or or considered offensive in an Islamic country. The same should be taken into account when looking at an investment in Dubai property. While the Emirate state bends over backwards to accommodate foreigners willing to spend their hard-earned cash there, certain things taken for granted in Europe - alcohol and exposed flesh, being prime examples - are anything but the norm in Dubai.

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