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News from Italian Language Schools
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ILS Otranto Italian Language School | italian language Schools | ILS is situated 50 meters away from the sea, 5 Minutes away from the city centre and from the rail station afoot. Otranto is a city of great historic | italianlanguageschools | Learn Italian in Italy, where else? Italian language schools in Italy - Italian language courses in Italy - Study italian- italianlanguageschools | italy domestic jobs | Jobs await Pinoys in Italy despite crisis… | Dr. Fabio Fanfani said Filipinos should not concentrate on domestic work alone in applying for jobs in Italy. Almost 90 percent of Filipino workers in Italy are doing household work | abs-cbnnews | Jobs await Pinoys in Italy despite crisis | learn italian and work in italy | Italian language course in Italy. Learn Italian in Italy. | languagesabroad | Where better to learn Italian than in Italy! This is a beautiful and varied country, with friendly people, excellent food and an amazing cultural heritage. Our Italian ... | Italian Courses in Italy | school in italy | During the past year many changes have been made to the Italian school ... | During the past year many changes have been made to the Italian school: the reintroduction of one main teacher, the mandatory use of a uniform, the grading of the students’ behavior, just to say a few | However, besides these recent changes that have taken place because of a new law (Riforma Gelmini), many are the differences that I’ve noticed after the first days of school. Obviously my notes are made by comparing the American system to the Italian one, and most precisely to the specific schools my kids are (and were) attending. | Books – Books are provided by the government, the only expense for the student’s family is for the class supplies (paper, pens, erasers, uniform, etc.) . I spent about Euros 100 (~$150) for both kids
Corsi di Italiano per Stranieri Italian Language School ILS Italienischschule für Ausländer SKOLA I KURS ITALIJANSKOG JEZIKA ZA STRANCE Σχολή ιταλικής γλώσσας στην Ιταλία Escuela de Italiano para extranjeros Włoska Szkoła Językowa Escola de Língua e Cultura Italianas Ecole de Langue italienne To Be Continued