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Work and Cultural Exchange in Otranto

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  The Italian Language school ILS is a place where to absorb the local culture, offering, beyond the normal hours of the course, work in tourist agencies, hotels, pubs, tourist discotheques and villages, (depending on demand). This will give the student immense opportunity to improve their Italian. There is also the "one-to-one" project where the school selects persons of Italian mother-tongue to embark on a linguistic-cultural exchange for the improvement of your foreign language and that one of the partner.

Work in Otranto and Cultural Exchange

Job Details 2020

Job Title: Waiter & Receptionist
Job Location: Otranto (Lecce) - Italy
Job Description: We are looking for a nice and friendly girl or men, from 18 to 47 years old, for job in a bar and reception at Hotel La Punta
Weekly Salary: 66,00 Euros Weekly


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Head Office: Vico Antonio Sforza, 18 - 73028 Otranto, (Lecce) - Apulia  -  Italy

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