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      You travel in Bus and enjoy the Salento

Tourists are kindly invited by the Province of Lecce to visit Salento by Salentoinbus, a combined transport system whose four mail stops in Lecce, Gallipoli, Maglie and Porto Cesario give the possibility to use easly one of the eleven lines of the network.

Every line has a different colour.

From 25th June to the 12th September

         The Five Sails

      The most beautiful sea in Italy
The "Five Sails" is the special prize that the Touring Club and Lega Ambiente give to cities which are involved with particular skilful in ambient safety, seawater quality and tourist services. Otranto has obtained the "Five Sails" prize in the last five years, of which the last three years as best place of Italy

         Marc Chagall

      The charm of the bible

Show of original graphic works.

"... after the youth I was spellbound from the Bible. It Always seems me, and continuous to appear me the greatest source of poetry of every time. Since then I have looked for the reflex of it in the life and in the art.
The Bible is as a resonance of the Nature and I have tried to transmit this secret...
These pictures, in my thought, they don't represent the dream of a people but the dream of the humanity
... ".

From on 2th July to the 31th July

         Recipe of the month

      The turcinieddhi

All people are crazy for the turcinieddhi, the olives of the bowles of the suckling calfs, that are refined and, at the same time, bitterish.

It is employed only the bowels of suckling calfs to make the turcinieddhi. the sucking calfs must never graze.

Their preparation is very simple. The bowles are washed with the water. Then, after having put them for a few hours in the water and lemmon juce, they are stuffed with the animals internal organs like the heart, the lungs and the liver, minced. It is make use of the fat, that winds the lamb's stomac: the peritonaeum membrane. With a little of parsley and salt, the turcinieddhi are ready to be grilled. In the restaurants they are very required. But also the families in their home eat a lot of turcinieddhi, expecially in the week-end.

 In the nearly all Salento, their name is turcinieddhi. But in some countries their name is gnomarieddhi. The Salento's turcinieddhi are short, in Calabria and Sardegna are long.


         Salento Negroamaro

      Review of the migrant cultures

Music, theater, cinema, art, writin and wine in the salentine plazas.

European party of the music (conceived by Jack Lang), caravan of singers coming from Holland, Croazia, France, England, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, Cuba.


         Permanent exhibition of handicraft

      Salento Artisan

You can't know Salento throughly if you don't visit Permanet Exhibition of artistic handicraft and tradition, where you can admire the paper-pulp, leccese stone, pottery, wrought, wood, reed, weaving and the copper hand-manufactured articles

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        Transgressive emotions under the skin

      Pure fun, among the alleys of the city of Lecce and for the beaches by night

A warm atmosphere, sensual, it slips on the skin and invites outside. Ready to live the night, to make new friends, to departure of new adventures, to let you go to the rhythms of the dance music, tasting long drink and cocktail.

Lecce and province ignite, with new places and shows, on the roads, not only "Florence of the baroque", but also capital of the insane nights, with parties to theme, concerts and places that animate the city and the coast, from the Ionian to the Adriatic.



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