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The 5 Sails 2006

The Blue Flag

The Courtyards "Barocche" - Italian Language Schools
Last Minute: learn italian in southern italy

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      International Shorts Festival
San Vito Dei Normanni   BRINDISI    24 - 29 Luly 2007

Blue Flag 2006

       Blue Flag 2006

Otranto won the Blue Flag 2006 a special international prize, that FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education, awards to best beaches, marinas and boats in Europe. The Blue Flag Campaign is an exclusive, voluntary eco-label for beaches and marinas. The programme focuses on four categories of criteria: water quality, environmental education and information, safety and services, and environmental management.
May 2006

Blue Flag 2006

       Strade Maestre

Theatre season realised with between the Province of Lecce, the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese and the Cooperativa teatrale Koreja.
Experimental theatre and the proposals of young artists, not only from Salento, will be put on the stage.

October - December

Italian ministry of education language schools
       Landscape Painting in Salento between the XIXth and the XXth Century

This exhibition will be opened at the Museo Provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano in Lecce.
December - January

Among the other important cultural events, organised by townships and cultural associations, we announce:

- La Città del libro in January in Campi Salentina
- La scena dei ragazzi, between January and March at the Cantieri teatrali Koreja in Lecce
- Piccoli lettori crescono, between April and May in Calimera
- L'olio della poesia, in
July in Serrano
- Il mercatino del gusto, in August in Maglie

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      Transfers in Salento

Lecce Province invites tourists as well as the resident population to use SalentoinBus, a Coach Network set up on four interchange stations, placed on the main junctions in Lecce, Gallipoli, Maglie and Porto Cesareo, wich are served for a complete and easy network of the eleven lines composing the service.
Each line is labelled by a colour.
Transfers from one line to another always take a very short time, in equipped and attended areas.
Each SalentoinBus stop is visibly marked by an informative board, where you can quickly check out the name of your stop, the linked terminus, the service timetable and any other useful explanation.
Lecce Province informs that some delays might happen-in spite of the planned timetable- due to village festivals, feasts, happenings or to traffic jams; therefore Lecce Province reccomends previously calling the call-centre, when you're planning to use the service in connection with departing trains at Lecce railway station or leaving shuttles to Brindisi Airport.

From 25th June to the 12th September

      Ancient Tools of Torture
It Continues with success in the caste of Otranto, for all autmn season.
ra": the show of ancient tools of torture and infamy.

       Cutrofiano, the capital of terracotta

     The crafts-manship show
From 7th to 25th august, it will be possible to visit in Cutrofiano the crafts-manship show and of the terracotta, the best Salento's artisans, and not only, will sow the best products of their shops.
In Cutrofiano arrive a lot of tourists and visitors for the crafts-manship show.
Last year 15.000 persons visited the show, arrived to its 33° edition.

       The Apulian Sculpture in the XVIIth century

     This exhibition will be held in the Museo Provinciale Sigismondo Castromediano in Lecce. In order to investigate on the less known aspects of South-Italian art will be shown works in paper-mâché, wood, silver, stone and marble.
October - December

FIERA DEL LEVANTE in March in Bari

Showcase of the Puglia region.

        The Courtyards "Barocche"

For an only day a year it is able, walking for the historical center to enter to visit the most beautiful buildings of Lecce.
For an only day a year it is possible to visit the greats and beautifull buildings of Lecce like: "Palazzo Giugni" that it will welcome you under its "volta lunettata", with the busts of great philosophers and jurists of the past; "Palazzo Della Ratta" that has one of the airiest gardens of the historical center, with its two wells, both sixteenth-century ones; "Palazzo Gorgoni", "Palazzo Palmieri", with its "ipogeo messapico", "Palazzo Apostolico Orsini, "Palazzo Brunetti", "Santa Croce And the ex "Convento dei Celestini, the "Cathedral", and the "Palazzo Vescovile.
Sunday May 30th

  Punta Palascia.
9 kms around the port of Otranto.
You can see the bluff, the Lighthouse of "Punta Palascia" and ex extracts of bauxite
Info: +39 0832 248181 - Sunday 30 May

         Recipe of the month

      The scapece

... But what is the scapece?
It is a typical recipe of Gallipoli, made with little fishes.
The fishes are fried in olive-oil and covered with bread crumbs, vinegard and saffron.
The scapece is often eaten with the celery. Infact often the celery's sellers are near the scapece's sellers.
It is an unique sensation to associate the sweet taste of the celery with the strong of the scapece.

Click here for more information

         Salento Negroamaro

      Review of the migrant cultures

Music, theater, cinema, art, writin and wine in the salentine plazas.

European party of the music (conceived by Jack Lang), caravan of singers coming from Holland, Croazia, France, England, Spain, Madagascar, Australia, Cuba.

         Permanent exhibition of handicraft

      Salento Artisan

You can't know Salento throughly if you don't visit Permanet Exhibition of artistic handicraft and tradition, where you can admire the paper-pulp, leccese stone, pottery, wrought, wood, reed, weaving and the copper hand-manufactured articles.

        Transgressive emotions under the skin

      Pure fun, among the alleys of the city of Lecce and for the beaches by night

A warm atmosphere, sensual, it slips on the skin and invites outside. Ready to live the night, to make new friends, to departure of new adventures, to let you go to the rhythms of the dance music, tasting long drink and cocktail.

Lecce and province ignite, with new places and shows, on the roads, not only "Florence of the baroque", but also capital of the insane nights, with parties to theme, concerts and places that animate the city and the coast, from the Ionian to the Adriatic.

      Greek: The Language talked in Calimera

     Calimera is a part of a consortium of 11 municipalities where they speak a particular language which comes from Greek, dialect and Turkish.

Kalimèra              Good Morning
Kalispèra             Good Evening
Kalìnitta                Good Night
Kalìsorta              Good Luck
Kalos ìrtate          Welcome
Kalò                       Good
Kakò                      Bad
Orrio                      Beautiful
Ascimo                 Uglyl
Na su dòi kko      Che ti venga un colpo



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