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The Salento represents a very rich land where uses and customs are derived from millenarians traditions. The salentina's Greece is an island remained intact in the centuries from when the first Greeks arrived in Salento; it guards its identity preciously. According to the legend the first Greeks arrived in the Salento after the fall of the mythical Ilio, with the cretese king Idomeneo, spouse of the beautiful Euippa, daughter of Malennio (for the patriotic legend, first king of the Salento,). Today Greece is constituted by nine commons. Whic are: Calimera, Castrignano of the Greeks, Corigliano of Otranto, Martano, Martignano, Melpignano, Sternatia, Soleto and Zollino.

In Greek means "good morning" and rises on ancient messapic road which connected Lecce to Otranto. The most famous monuments are: the Church Matrice of Saint Brizio, that rises where anciently there was a temple of Greek ritual and a church of XVIII century dedicated to San Antonio. In the chapel of San Vito a monolith called "love sacred forum" rises from the pavement; it was used in the ceremony of the fecundity that saw the young spouses as protagonists.

Castrignano de Greeks
Its name would derive from the Latin "castrum" (encampment) or from the Greek "kastron" (castle) but the village offers an historical center characterised by a medieval plant and from numerous hourses to court. The most interesting monuments in Castrignano are: the Park of the Pozzelle, destined to pick rain; the baronial Castle, cited in one parchment from Carlo d'Angiò, in ancient time encircled from ditch and equipped of a drawbridge.

It was strongly influenced by the Greek domination in language, in the uses, the customs and the culture and the first human installations in the zone quite goes back to the age of the bronze. It celebrates, the"Monolith Zollino" directly fixed on the cliff and high approximately 4,3 meters, and the "Menhir Sant'Anna" that, in ancient time, had a funeral function , in memory of the defunct people of noble origin.

Its origins are Byzantine. The testimonies from to the medieval period attest in the zone the presence of a "scriptorium" depending from the Abbey of Saint Nicholas of Casole. Valuable, the Chapel of the Conella of the end of'500 and the wonderful ones frescoes, guarded in the CHAPEL of S. Giovanni Batiste 1621, only testimony of the biography of the Saint, (from birth until the tragic decapitation).


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