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Corigliano of Otranto
Ancient its origins, the Corigliano term would derive from the Greek word “chorion” (small village), or of roman origin with the Centurione Coriolano. The monuments more important of the country are: the ‘500 Comi Palace; and the monastery of Cenobio, whic has been built in the IX century, and it had a Greek school of language and one bizantina of culture, (destroyed from the Turks and decayed on ending of XV the century).

It is the most populous center of the salentin Greece and it has been existing sin from the times of the Byzantine domination, the village has conserved the Greek ritual for all the XV century. The '400 castle was constructed at the time of Alfonso of Aragona. Beyond to the Ducale Palace, there are numerous hourses around the court (numerous noble palaces situated along the ways Cutumerea and Zaca) that embellish the historical center of the country.

I t is a small country whose origins probably go back to the II century b.C. and that according to an oral legend was founded from the Muse Melpemone. The village boasts one of the most interesting public squares of the Salento: it is a rare example of structure created purposely in order to accommodate a famous and flourishing market weekly organized at the end of '500. Rich merchants coming from Lecce, Bari and from Naples were used to go to this market.

It is an ancient messapico center, important Episcopal center (to the time of the oriental emperors)and it was the main town of county during the mediaeval period. Soleto has a mediaeval ancient village that is characterized by the tightest ways arranged orthogonal. Baroque palaces, elegant decorated, are on the alleys of the village. They go back to the period of the Rinascimento.

It has unknown origins, after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the village comes strongly influenced from the Greek culture, uses and the customs. In the inhabited center is found "Porta Filia" (Door of the friendless or Door of the Peace). According to the tradition, from such ancient door of the City the defunct exited and young spouses entered. Sternatia boasts moreover various olive-press that are assigned to the oil production.


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